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Click HERE to schedule an appointment with someone in Student Services. 

Welcome to the Student Services Website!


This is where you will find everything you need to know about Student Services at CMAVTS. Feel free to scroll through our tabs. We are available throughout the school year, Monday through Friday from approximately 8:00 am until 3:15 pm. 


TAPLINE: 1-800-222-9016

24/7 Crisis Hotline

Serves Columbia/Montour but will be able to provide info for those living in outside counties.

Blended Program, Co-Op and Jobs, Small Groups, Diversity at CMVT, SADD, YIP, Student Assistance Program, and Tech Support Mentoring

Resources for  co-op and jobs, scholarships and financial aid, post-graduation or college, family and community resources, drug and alcohol, suicide prevention, mental health and wellness, school closet/food program, assistance and homeless students, school forms


Please visit often to get the latest news and information regarding college preparation, career information, school academics and social aspects of our guidance counseling program.

Mr. Lynn | Last Names A-L

Blended Counselor: Miss Flynn

Miss Flynn is here at CMAVTS through CMSU, our local MH/DA/ID agency.

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Prevention Services

  • Resource Coordination


Bridging the gap between school and employment that combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training in a career area.


Support Staff

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Gensemer

For record requests, transcript requests, withdrawals, etc.


Best times for students to visit:

  • Enrichment

  • Shop

  • Lunch



  • Students MUST sign in at the counter and check-in with Mrs. Gensemer to see if the staff member is available.

  • If the person is not available—leave a pink slip (located on the counter) in their mailbox with a BRIEF explanation of your visit. That staff member will get back to you when they are able to. ***COVID-19 update: please fill out an electronic appointment slip (on top of this page)

  • Any emergency situation: please seek another counselor or an administrator immediately.

  • Students MAY NOT come down to avoid classroom responsibilities.

  • Appointments are priority for most situations.

School Website:

There is a complete list of clubs and sports as well as parent resources, policies, and information.

E-mails are provided on the staff directory section of the school website.


Tutors are available upon request for any student who needs extra academic help. Please see MR. DUNKELBERGER, Director of Special Education, at EXT. 3334 for more info.

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Mr. Beaver

Co-Op Coordinator

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